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— In and Around Manchester – March – July 2019

Our team of volunteers have been delivering long-lasting food items to various food banks in and around Manchester this year. We are always a tweet away. Reach us on twitter here.

— Charitable works during summer months

The summer of 2019 was very harsh in India, with temperatures in many places going above 50 °C. Our charity organized different water distribution and on-road food distribution. We have also donated for building a borewell in Karauli, Rajasthan. Following are  a...

— Vrindavan, India – April 2019

One of our members, Amitaji, distributed rice and other food to the poor and homeless in Vrindavan.

— Kurukshetra, India – March 2019

Our volunteers distributing cooked food to the needy in the Shree Krishna Dhaam, Dharmkshetra Kurukshetra, India.

— Our Charity Walk, September 2018

It was a lovely autumn day and the weather really helped all out walkers who joined the team for a cause. There were seventeen of us, along with a few toddlers who were there for the fun.   We started...

— Leprosy Complex, Tahirpur, Delhi – September 2018

As part of our ongoing activities in India as well, our members distributed packets of rice to people with leprosy and their families. We donated to about 200 people. The members at the Leprosy Complex were very thankful as you...

— Vrindavan, India – September 2018

Following our theme this summer, we continued to do some more charity work in India. Here we can see our members working for the charity even when they were on their holidays in India. Members also distributed blankets to the...

— Helping the Angels

In an effort to collaborate with other charities in and around Manchester, we came in touch with the excellent work being done by Sandwich Angels. They are a group of volunteers who make up to 3000 sandwiches a week for about...

— Kids Volunteering April 2017

Teaching the younger ones early on in life about Hindu values and the importance of giving back to the society. Our Junior Volunteers team helping in the local temple under the RadheShyam Hope banner.      

— In the News

We are grateful to Manchester Evening News to feature us on their website. It was a great team effort on the day and we collected much more food than were needed by the local food banks. So we distributed the...

— Collection for Food Banks, Manchester February 2017

All members of RadheShyam Hope came together and collected hundreds of food items and delivered to various local refuge centres in Greater Manchester. This was the first time all members had come together on this scale. Manchester Evening News also...

— Vrindavan, India July 2016

All trustees again came together in the holy town of Vrindavan and organised a small prayer followed by distribution of clothing, fruits and sweets to the poor.  

— Phagwara, Punjab, India July 2016

Nidhi and Dinesh also organised a meal for the needy and poor in Phagwara, Punjab. Clothes and food were distributed. Local volunteers also joined hands with them in the activity. Local newspaper also covered their story.

— Rajasthan, India July 2016

Acharya Shyam Sunder Sharma and Mrs Minakshi Sharma organised a food donation camp in Rajasthan and donated bags of uncooked grains to the poor. Local members of the public also joined hands in distributing goods.    

— Delhi, India July 2016

During the same trip, Nidhi and Dinesh organised a street kitchen on the streets of Delhi, India. Local volunteers also joined hands. People from all ages, religion and castes ate and drank together.        

— Kurukshetra, India July 2016

All trustees had made a trip to India to do charitable work across Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Delhi. In Kurukshetra, they organised a one off meal for about 200 poor people. They also donated clothing and food items...

— Women’s Refuge, Manchester May 2016

Under the guidance of Acharya Shyam Sunder Sharma, members of the charity donated food and other items of necessity to local women refuge in Central Manchester.

— Calais, France May 2016

Every little helps but doing our bit for the Calais refugees was very rewarding. The team of volunteers there is absolutely amazing, no words can describe their determination to help the needy. We managed to get into the Jungle and gave...

— Manchester April 2016

We were at the Manchester Cathedral, on 2nd April, distributing home made rice pudding. Thanks to Coffee4Craig for letting us join hands with their volunteers.

— Phagwara, India March 2016

Our trustees visited a School for the visually impaired located in Phagwara, India. They provided the members of the school with blankets and clothes.     Nidhi, along with her family, served meals to the elderly and blind  people.  

— Delhi, India January 2016

Although Delhi is the capital of India, there are thousands of poor on the streets who sleep hungry every night. Dinesh distributed food to the poor in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi.          

— Wellspring and Bolton, January 2016

On New Year's Day 2016, Nidhi and Dinesh cooked some food for the poor and the needy and donated that at Wellspring in Stockport, UK. Nidhi and Dinesh also donated food to families in Radcliffe, Bolton and Little Hutton. These...

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