About Us

Nobody sleeps hungry tonight

Radheshyam Hope is a charity based in Manchester. We take our inspiration from the Hindu belief that giving away food is considered the best form of charity. We aim to work towards supporting the poor and needy with food and other items of daily use. 

We take immense pleasure and pride in helping others. We see all human beings as one and donate irrespective of age, gender, religion, or race. We simply note their need and make an effort to help. Since its inception in 2016, we have been regularly helping other local charities fighting food-poverty and homelessness in the Greater Manchester area by donating food, water and other items (like sleeping bags, blankets, toiletries etc).

We are very grateful to the Gita Bhavan Hindu Temple, Manchester and Mr Raj Kaushal, one of the trustees, to provide us with space for our regular meetings and the support and guidance necessary.

We also aim to conduct regular charity work in India and whenever possible in other parts of the World as highlighted in Our Causes below.

We aim to register ourselves with The Charity Commission in near future. 

— Our Mission

Providing food, clothing and other basic necessities for people in need in the UK and abroad. Providing support for educational needs of the poor children in the UK as well abroad.

— Our Vision

A world where no individual suffers from hunger or poverty. We will achieve this by ensuring that our volunteers are spread across the globe, near and far, and contribute and support the needs of individuals/ families, who may find themselves in unfortunate situations.

— Our Story

The project was started with a handful of people with the ambition of helping the needy and poor. According to Hinduism, a human being comes empty handed and leaves the world empty handed. What goes with one is the good deeds done in lifetime. Doing charity and helping the needy is one of the highest forms of charity. This led to creation of our charity RadheShyam Hope in January 2016. Since then we have been gradually growing our work and membership. The word RadheShyam is Almighty’s name in Hinduism and we wish to spread the message of Hope through Their name.

Our Team