Because only together we can

Make sure that Nobody sleeps hungry tonight.


Partnering to build a world where everyone has the basic necessity called food.

We are a small team of volunteers who are passionate about feeding the hungry and the homeless. We are from all different parts of the world, residing in the UK, but united in our motto. We are constantly growing and evolving with the assistance of our Committee members. 

We believe in the principles of Karma – our good deeds are the only true possessions in our lifetime, the rest is transient. We try to live by the Sanskrit saying – “Daanam paramam dharmam”, helping someone selflessly is one of the highest forms of duty.


Stocks at Trafford South Foodbank are currently low and our Foodbank centres across this area are busy.

We at Trafford South Foodbank Centres would like to extend our thanks to your charity RadheShyam Hope for your support. Your donations to us at this time are invaluable in helping us feed those in the local community that are struggling to meet the basic needs for themselves and their children. Thank You so much for helping your local community. – Nicky Kenrick, Trafford South Foodbank Manager via email.

When you have a child in hospital, it can be hard to find time to go food shopping to feed yourself.

Which is why we are extremely grateful to receive this amazing donation of food from the charity Radheshyam Hope. Thoughful donations like this make it a little bit easier for our families to get a proper meal so that they can keep their strength up for their poorly child. – Ronald McDonald House Manchester via Facebook. 


Support us and help feed a homeless today!